Hello, I’m Brandon Flowers aka headwinds on Twitter, and cyberspace at large. Today, I largely think of myself as a hybrid designer/developer and budding data scientist. I enjoy combining code, statistics, modeling and design into highly interactive applications for data analysis and exploration that are designed to work across multiple devices.

As the "Principle UI lead" at 247, I’m able to work on an oracle-like Question/Answer solution which is driven by both real people and machine learning.  My focus is both designing and developing a data visualization tool where  I work through an iterative process, from wireframing to prototyping to final release, evolving the product over a series of sprints.

In my personal work, I like to explore data that deals with self reflection against global issues like the protection of our national parks and climate change.  Based in Toronto, I also want to explore the grey zones and overlaps between city and country and spend quite a bit of time playing with my daughters while contemplating the pace of life in Trinity Bellwoods park.