Hello, I’m Brandon Flowers aka headwinds on Twitter and  cyberspace at large. Today, I largely think of myself as a hybrid designer/developer. I enjoy combining code, science, and design into highly interactive social and solitary projects that are designed to work across multiple devices.

I’m happily employed at Intelliresponse where I’m able to work on a fascinating oracle Question/Answer solution.  My focus is a data visualization tool where  I contribute both front-end development and UI design through an iterative process where I can evolve the product as business and tech changes.

This site is meant to be my virtual studio allowing me to exhibit my thoughts and experiments about the modern web. I’ve got some lofty goals to produce mixed media prints, apps and games.

My digital things are both social and anti-social. I recognize that there is a time to be with friends and a time to be alone to analyze your personal data.  Based in Toronto, I also want to explore the grey zones and overlaps between city and country.