brandon flowers

brandon flowers hiking in the Andes mountains, Chile

I’m Brandon Flowers aka headwinds in cyberspace. Today I largely think of myself as a hybrid designer/developer. I enjoy combining code, science, and design into highly interactive social and solitary projects that are designed to work across multiple devices.

This site is meant to be my virtual studio allowing me to exhibit my thoughts and experiments about the modern web. I’ve got some lofty goals to produces prints, apps and games for people of all ages that tend to be into gaming, sports, and green living. I probably suffer too much from starting things and not finishing them which I’m attempting to combat by releasing them in semi-finished states to gain feedback if they are truly worth pursuing.

My experiments are both social and anti-social. I recognize that there is a time to be with friends and a time to be alone. The digital things that I want to build will explore these gaps; raising and lowering the draw bridge; so yes I guess you are your own castle.


I also organize small events, talks, and workshops that involve my passion for the arts, web technology, athletics and the environment. These workshops will either be lead by myself and/or some of my super talented friends.

end-to-end javascript
Sierra Sessions
Workshop: Anothy Eden
Talk: Casual Gaming in Japan and Denmark
Deep Green Robots


ultimate score keeper

This iPhone app allows you:

  • keep track of the score for several sports
  • automatically drafts emails based on the score
  • take brief, strategic game notes
  • provides a history so that you can review past game scores and strategies

It’s the perfect app for recording brief strategies which you can review later and help you prepare for your next match!

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